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fpterp1208Review Date: 2017-02-24

I highly recommend Juan Palacios and his team at Off Lease only. They handled the transaction with complete competence and professionally. I look forward to buying another car from Juan.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

sammy0000Review Date: 2017-02-24

Michael Bafumo and Marco provided excellent service today. They did everything in a timely manner and made my experience of purchasing my first car one to remember.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

RaquelC.Review Date: 2017-02-23

I had a very good experience with Mike. He explained to me how the dealership operates and was very trustworthy and knowledgable. He went above and beyond to help me. The dealership is amazing it has a huge inventory with over 1000 cars on lot. I will be buying my next car here and will be referring friends here as well.....

OFFLEASEONLY Review (MIAMI) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

whateverReview Date: 2017-02-23

Brett Watts made the transaction pleasurable and effortless. He and Wolff listened to my needs and took great pains to see that the transaction seemed effortless.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

AudiSteveReview Date: 2017-02-23

I had heard alot about this place so I decided to check it out myself. I had never seen so many cars on one lot before. The atmosphere is exciting and enjoyable. Mike was great! He made my experience an enjoyable one and I will be back again.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (MIAMI) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Greekbella624Review Date: 2017-02-22

I cant say enough about how wonderful my experience was. The gentleman who helped me went above and beyond.His name is Mike Maso,he made the car buying process a pleasant one. My credit isnt the best but Mike stayed way past working hrs. To get me approved and called me with updates until he finally gave me the great news. If im ever in the market for a car again I know who to call..thank you so much Mr.Maso.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (MIAMI) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

LOLA789000Review Date: 2017-02-22

Ahmed went above and beyond to accommodate my needs in purchasing a vehicle, He was honest, helpful and understood my needs. Excellent knowledge of vehicles and very customer friendly. I feel even more satisfied knowing that he made sure I was in the right car instead of just a car right now. Would highly recommend Ahmed to anyone in the market for a vehicle

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

AyyyyyyyReview Date: 2017-02-22

It was my first car buying experience and I heard from a friend that they have amazing deals on barely used cars. So after watching the site for a little waiting for what I like, my dream car finally popped up. The same car that would be impossible for me to afford at a regular dealership. So I went up there the next day (these cars go quick), I walked inside, they called over Sam H to help me out. He checked on my car. It was in maintenance for an issue.. So we go back to the computer and look at similar cars. In no time at all he finds me a similar model, same great deal, even better outcome. Clean carfax, no other issues, barely used, and when I saw it in person, it was even better than the one I previously sought out. He managed to find the perfect car for me in a snap and did everything he could to help make it mine. These people arent there to pressure you and nag you into getting something you dont want. Theyre there to help find what you want and thats exactly what I got. Thank you Offlease.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

filmmakerReview Date: 2017-02-22

You can browse freely,but someone is always there to assist you. Never rushed. Follow-up is great! No stress!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Toxicnightz13Review Date: 2017-02-21

If I could describe in one word the way this company works it would be magnificent. I recently came to this company, trying to help my friend find a car. A man named George Yenque helped us find a car. We walked and talked about the types of cars my friend was interested. George gave us a selection of different cars to chose that he thought would be a great match. Within a short time we were riding off the lot with an amazing new car. I cannot believe the system they have that made the process so quick. Ive bin to many different car lots, trying to find a good car. I know when Im ready to get my own car Ill be going to Off Lease and Ill be requesting George to handle my appointment. So again my thanks to you Mr. Yenque.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

FahimS.Review Date: 2017-02-21

I guess there are good car dealerships with great sales people. This is the only dealership that i would recommend to my family as well as anyone else. May god bless the owner of the company for running a clean business and holding his staff to a exceptional level of customer service. I worked with Marten Orourke and he is just amazing. Marten, thank you for everything.


Elizardi64Review Date: 2017-02-20

Fernando Vazquez took care of everything even the last tiny detail he made our shopping experience a pleasant one he gave us a walk through about how the dealer works and made our purchase a total success since we enter the dealer until we walk out with our new vehicle. Thank you Fernando and thank you Offlease.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

VionetteReview Date: 2017-02-20

We have purchased many cars, and we gave off lease a try. While we are still trying to find the right vehicle, Brandon has been excellent at helping us find it with no pressure. He knows cars and has been very helpful to narrow our search.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (MIAMI) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

AlyxandraMReview Date: 2017-02-18

Marck was an outstanding salesman was extremely patient with this process. And put us in the right direction to get into the car that we want outstanding service!! Dorwin was great laid out what the finance aspect was in good detail.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Faisala.Review Date: 2017-02-17

I had a great experience working with feras, he answered all question he was really helpful and clear. Overall it was a great experience.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

AlysolanReview Date: 2017-02-16

We went to off lease only not knowing much about the company, but from the start it was clear it was not your typical dealer experience. Brandon was friendly, knowledgeable and professional our entire visit. what a difference. We did try other places before off lease only.. but we will come back to off lease only in the future.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (MIAMI) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Tycam21Review Date: 2017-02-14

The sales process was very easy and Sam was down to earth and completely transparent about how things worked and what I was buying. Initially I had gone in to purchase another car they had in stock but earlier that day they had already sold it, I was not initially looking at the car I ended up buying but after a test drive and inspection with the help of Sam, the car sold itself! The deals cannot be beat and the staff just wants to make sure you walk away happy, I would recommend Sam to anybody who purchases there, he was great! Since I paid cash for the vehicle Johnny was able to get me in and out of the finance office in about 7 minutes, papers signed, registration and keys in hand, the whole shebang took about two and a half hours and was utterly painless! I am new to the area and Sam even gave me suggestions on restaurants I should try! I would tell anybody looking for a car to go here, without hesitation!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

BYRON_773Review Date: 2017-02-14

Chuck provided the utmost service. He explained everything in detail and answered any question I had. He is not your typical salesman that pushes you leave the lot with the first car you see. He wants to make sure you are completely satisfied with your decision and not regret it the following day. I would highly recommend Off Lease Only Orlando to everyone in need of a vehicle but most importantly make sure they ONLY SEE CHUCK!!! I had just moved here from Chicago and had all my luggage in hand. Chuck was nice enough to help get all my luggage into the my newly purchased vehicle. He continues to follow up with me to this day.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Jeffery_TReview Date: 2017-02-13

The appearance of this dealership is a bit rough at the moment. A large dusty unpaved lot with thousands of cars and many, many customers. A small unassuming sales building sits in one corner. We were greeted by a Chuck S.,an affable used car pro, who explained the dealerships selling model and gave us helpful tips regarding how to inspect and test a used car. He quickly located and brought to the front three Buick Enclaves for my wife and I to drive and inspect. We found a clean 2016 Enclave with 20,000 miles that looked and drove great. The sticker on the front was $2-$3K less than any comparable vehicle in the area. We told him we would take the vehicle. Because there were so many customers buying vehicles that Sunday, we waited for nearly two hours for a finance analyst to write up the deal. However, once we sat down with Walter, he explained all of the paperwork clearly and concisely. True to the dealerships model, there were no hidden fees or surprises. 15 minutes later, I was on the road with my new purchase. Despite a little dust and inconvenience, Im very satisfied with the overall buying experience.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Denisse_CReview Date: 2017-02-13

As always, my experience at Offleaseonly in Orlando was great, Felipe is always very patience and helpful in the process. This is the 3rd car that I purchase from Offleaseonly and as always, very satisfied. Thank you Felipe and Offleaseonly!!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review


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