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BobandhisnewCarReview Date: 2019-04-26

The dealership is very open and no pressure to sign the deal. I liked working with Gordon to search for the vehicle I wanted. The test drive was on my own to take my time to assess the Toyota Sienna. I was greeted by staff at all levels for a smooth experience. Everyone that I met was very friendly and helpful and the financing was exactly as I requested. Darlene is very professional and after 20 minutes with the paperwork I was on my way with my Sienna. Thank you to all for a great buyer experience!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

joReview Date: 2019-04-26

i bought my 1st used car from off lease only Orlando and i had a very happy experience. My first contact was Mr.JP in there. He was very friendly, knowledgeable, explained every step of the buying process and the details of the car and this boost our confidence to buy our car from Off lease Orlando. Big THANK YOU to JP and Off Lease Only, Orlando.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

OliviaBrock14Review Date: 2019-04-26

When my husbands car was totaled we were both very anxious about the process we were about to go through to buy a new car (it would be the first time either of us had purchased a car on our own). We are from out of state and we were very concerned about the process but we were both pleasantly surprised by how seamless the experience was. Natalie was absolutely amazing and super helpful every step along the way, she was always available to answer questions for us no matter how silly they may have been, and she helped us every step along the way. We will gladly recommend Offlease Only to anyone.


Vener58Review Date: 2019-04-25

Great work Pedro & Tamari!!! Wonderful car buying experience here at OffLeaseOnly Miami, 3rd time I have bought my vehicles here. Excellent sales and financing.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (MIAMI) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

microware1970Review Date: 2019-04-23

Sam H. was a car salesman when I met him. I wasnt sure I was ready to deal with a car salesman. I had done my research. I knew the car I wanted. I knew the price. Well... when he told me it sold less than 24 hours ago, I thought Here comes the old bait and switch. Boy was I wrong. Sam took us out to the lot to look through their inventory and to test drive something if it was similar to the Explorer I missed out on. After probably an hour we were still looking and Sam was as pleasant as could be. Full of information, facts, and patience for my never-ending questions. He ran back and forth scanning for vehicles, pulling up Car Fax reports on his phone for what was probably a dozen vehicles. I found a 2018 Nissan Murano at a great price with a great history and in very good condition. It was time for them to find it and get a test drive. The test drive went quite well even in the rain. We got to do full speed highway driving and the car drove perfect. We next went to Finance and sat with Chad. Chad was very experienced and knowledgeable as well. He was able to find a loan that fit, after a few tries, and of course the inevitable realization that my credit wasnt as good as Credit Karma had led me to believe! TL;DR I ended up with a payment well within my expected range, an incredible deal on a vehicle I though well beyond my reach and a great warranty on top of it all. 10/10 would buy again!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

AleReview Date: 2019-04-19

Adam did a wonderful job helping find cars, we still looking for cars and definetly looking to come back soon!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Kuanby81Review Date: 2019-04-18

We had a great experience at this dealership. While it did take a while to get in and out, the accommodations are comfy and the service is great. Everyone is incredibly friendly and you never feel pressure to buy. I did plenty of research on prices before coming here, so I know I got a fair deal on both my new car and the car I traded in. Santiago took care of us from start to finish and he went above abs beyond to make sure we were satisfied. We ended up with a nail in the tire on our way out of the lot and they fixed everything for us without hesitation. So happy we checked this place out. It was a refreshing change from the 4 dealerships we visited earlier in the week.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (MIAMI) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

SusanReview Date: 2019-04-16

I did not end up finding a car at however my experience working with Crystal Harris was great. She is very upbeat and customer oriented. Even though I didnt find the car I was looking for, I would go back and ask for Crystal if I was in the market for another used car

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

RogueOneReview Date: 2019-04-13

In the past, buying a car was not an enjoyable experience. was much different. My salesperson, Cliff Davis, was extremely knowledgeable. While I was walking through the huge lot of cars trying to find a small crossover SUV, Cliff was taking notes of the vehicles that I liked. Cliff showed me the CarFax available on the website, and he also showed me the True360 report which is also available for each of the vehicles in which I was interested. I chose to purchase a 2016 Nissan Rogue SL FWD. I could not be happier with my purchase. Paul Schwab in the finance department got me signed, sealed and delivered in no time flat. I will definitely consider for any future vehicle purchases. -Dan Ramos

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

FastestMiniReview Date: 2019-04-13

My girlfriend and I just had a great experience at Off Lease Only. We were assisted by the best salesman Dorian Gonzalez, if you are going to Off Lease go and ask for him, he is very professional honest and patient. Armando in financing was not behind, such a rock star! This place is awesome, I would go back in the future for our next car.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

jennbby222 Review Date: 2019-04-13

Sam is a fantastic salesman. He went over everything about the car and all the facts that go along with it. Very informative, and knowledgeable! He helped me to find exactly what I was looking for, and you can see he is very passionate about what he does, as well as cares about the customers. Sam is hands down the best salesman on that floor! Chad and Lakeisha were fabulous! They both worked very hard to get me signed up for insurance (affordable one Might I add) as well as the right price for the car for payments. Chad was very informative and added in on giving me some advice about what I could do to lower my interest and payments later down the road! That was awesome! Lakeisha hands down amazing! Working her magic to sign me up for the insurance. You can tell all 3 of them really care and want to do all they can to accommodate to get you the car of your dreams!!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

autoconnoisseur Review Date: 2019-04-12

Awesome car! Awesome price! Awesome teamwork! Sasha did an exceptional job! Chad helped expedite the interstate transaction. Fernado followed up pre-purchase.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

IrBB2019Review Date: 2019-04-10

Makes car buying easier than conventional dealer tactics , no back and forth with pricing is what I need , employees are knowledgeable , no sales gimmick straight to the point business deal . Big thanks to Sam T , from sales and Luis M from finance . Great service and pleasant car buying experience and unbeatable car pricing .

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

AdellaReview Date: 2019-04-07

Had a great experience there. Bought my car yesterday and Jean Pierre was awesome. He was very helpful and made the buying process easy. Thanks, I love my Camaro!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

lisahulsizerReview Date: 2019-04-06

We had an amazing experience today at Off Lease Only! We made the decision to trade in our 2013 Chevy Equinox for a bigger SUV, and had been looking at their online inventory. We found a few that we liked, and made an appointment for 10am this morning. As soon as we arrived, I was a little overwhelmed by just how big and busy they were, but we were immediately greeted by a very nice lady who checked us in and went to get us a sales rep. Within 30 seconds, we were introduced to the awesome Tavaris, who made our buying experience absolutely wonderful! We had several cars that we wanted to see, and he happily drove us all over their massive lot to each car, was super patient with us as we looked each one over and asked a million questions, and read us each CarFax report so we knew everything there was to know about them. During our test drive, my husband was concerned about a shimmy that occurred when breaking. We informed Tavaris about this when we got back, and he immediately had the sales manager over who then sent the car to the back to be checked out. They took the time to look the car over and ensure that everything was 100% before we took possession of it. Once we finally decided on the car we wanted, the entire process was so smooth. Off Lease Only definitely has the car buying process down to a science! Our finance manager, Sterling, was so personable and really took the time to explain everything to us during the paperwork process. One of the things I loved the most about Off Lease Only was that despite how busy they are (and trust me....they are BUSY!), Tavaris and Sterling made us feel like we were the only ones on the entire lot. We will be purchasing all of our vehicles from here in the future, and told Tavaris today that he is not allowed to go anywhere as we will only deal with him! If you are looking for a new car, this is by far the best around, and be sure to ask for Tavaris when you go! We are so in love with our new Traverse! :)

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

davidsharpeReview Date: 2019-04-05

Found an 2017 GMC Arcadia online and came in to buy it on Saturday only to find it already sold. Crystal was a great help throughout the process and helped us find similar options and we settled on a 2018 model for just $200 more. When I came in to pick it up, all the other Arcadias were sold and long gone. Glad I got the last one. With the nice selection of Teslas and Maseratis, we look forward to being return customers. Yes Crystal, pull on the phillips end of the screwdriver to find the flat head :)

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

thatch52Review Date: 2019-04-04

Ira was the finance guy. He explained everything clearly with no pressure. He was very thorough and professional. Helped me in several ways above and beyond the call of duty! Thanks Ira. Jared was my salesperson and he was great! Very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. No pressure, he just wanted to make sure the deal was done smoothly. Great experience! Thanks Jared.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

ecoffieReview Date: 2019-04-03

This is my 2nd purchase from this location. Both times it was painless unlike previous car buying experiences. I recommend OffleaseOnly to everyone I know they are truly a different car buying experience. Reyna was new but was very polite and courteous.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Jhouse72 Review Date: 2019-04-03

I highly recommend this dealership! Dudley was very professional and attentive. Furthermore, I had a great experience with Rainer in finance. Thank you for making my car buying experience effortless and pleasant. I will be back!!!!!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Seavee25Review Date: 2019-04-03

Abner was a great salesman. Easy to deal with. Prices were very good. The only gripe I have is the place is very busy and the cars could be detailed better, but the discount is worth it.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review


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