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Cristobal G.Review Date: 2018-01-19

Had a good time at the dealer. Everybody is very nice, Jimmy Jimenez was amazing. He took very good care and was patience with me. He explained everything very good. If i ever come to buy another car i already know who i want. Take good care of Jimmy Off Lease Only!

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Daniel C.Review Date: 2018-01-19

I bought my 2 cars with Jamal Baiji and I want to thanks about how he gave us all the support. We are very satisfied. Thanks again and Regards.

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Takesha C.Review Date: 2018-01-18

I had a great experience yesterday! I want to Thank KENTON for being such an amazing person and very patient and helpful. I love the fact that the team was so nice and friendly. I left there very pleased and Happy. I recommend this place if you looking to purchase a car. THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!

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James W.Review Date: 2018-01-18

The dictionary defines superlative as: of the highest kind, quality, or order, surpassing all else, or others. Supreme. I define it as Jeff Saied. As a sales executive, as a leader, as a man, and as a friend, he is of the highest kind, quality, and order. Supreme.

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Freddy O T.Review Date: 2018-01-18

Carlos Moran Great service! very knowledgeable and helpful.

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Francisco G.Review Date: 2018-01-18

Omar was a great, enthusiastic salesman who was always up front about how this process works and what could be offered to us. He helped us get a good deal, and he was always looking out for us and making sure everytrhing was in place.

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Laura R.Review Date: 2018-01-18

Claude.Hola es el mejor vendedor que pude haber encontrado en este dia,estoy muy agradecida con el,espero que mi opinion nunca cambie.Que tengan todos un lindo dia!!

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Agustin C.Review Date: 2018-01-18

The user didnt write a review, and has left just a rating.

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Juan Camilo P.Review Date: 2018-01-18

Excelente atencion, buena informacion acerca del carro, claro y transparente con todos los detalles. Recomiendo ampliamente que visiten off lease only en Orlando y hablen con Juan Camilo Echeverry.

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Danita B.Review Date: 2018-01-18

Jonathan Martin did a great job of walking us through the process. Very friendly and helpfu. Good experience. We were in a hurry and they did everything they could to get us in and out. Happy customer!

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Tyler C.Review Date: 2018-01-18

My girlfriend was looking for a reliable, affordable vehicle that she would also enjoy driving. After spending hours with a very patient and helpful employee at the West Palm Beach location, she took her search to the Orlando location. She could not be more pleased with the experience. The lead sales associate for her purchase, Marcos Gomez, was extremely helpful. Not only did he help answer her questions to find the car she wanted, he made the experience fun and pleasant. Hes an experienced, knowledgeable sales associate; I highly recommend shopping with Marco! Needless to say, he helped her find a beautiful 2016 Toyota Camry at an excellent price. The rest of the staff was similarly helpful. Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable, and hardworking. Most importantly, they were honest! Thats a rarity when shopping for a vehicle, and I know that everyone she dealt with was giving her straightforward, honest feedback. Supervisors Michael Houser and Chad Wickline were very courteous, as was the team leader Felipe Garip. The transaction with the financial department was also smooth; Ismael Cernas experience eased the purchasing process, and he was assisted by Luis Mensen, who was very nice and capable. In short, I am thrilled, and she is thrilled. Thank you for a wonderful experience! Shes loving her Camry!

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Brandon L.Review Date: 2018-01-18

This is the second time I purchase a vehicle here and it was even better the second time. Overall great experience. My sales person was Scott. He was super helpful from the beginning. I highly recommend this place and having Scott as your sales person. He made my experience very simple and very fast.

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Kimberly S.Review Date: 2018-01-18

Alex Chninak was very patient with my family and I when we purchased a car today 1/18/18. I am very excited to have expiernced a wonderful time buying my first car because of Alex. Thank you again for all of your help. Blessings to you! Johnathon was also very helpful! He made sure we were taken care of at all times. He came on his day off to continue to help my family and I. Chad was also extremely patient and helpful throughout this long process. Overall, thank you everyone for helping me purchase my first car!!

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Nguyen V.Review Date: 2018-01-18

Thanks for the great service. Especially philippe cher-aime. They said to 11pm to help me. Happy all around.

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P WReview Date: 2018-01-18

I walked into this business by default even though I had seen them online. I was with my sister and brother-in-law who had been stalking a special vehicle and with the courtesy and care I received from Mike H and Oral. I purchased a vehicle tht I WANTED but wasnt expecting to ne able to purchase!!!

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SAM L.Review Date: 2018-01-18

A better way to buy a car We spent hours looking over the large inventory of very nice cars. The staff was helpful and professional. No pressure, no hidden fees, no haggling, no being swarmed by salesmen. This is a great way to buy a nearly new car.

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Thomas T.Review Date: 2018-01-17

I just got a new truck. When I first got to Off Lease Only it was a little over welling because I did not have my parents to help me buy my first vehicle but the person at the first door made it easier for me to get someone to help me find my new vehicle. I really liked how I was able to walk or ride around the lot to see any vehicle that I wanted to look at but something that I really like about this place is that all the vehicle were open for me to see what I like and not like about each vehicle. There is really only one thing that I did not like, that is there is no give on the price such as the trade in cost or the buying cost. If you are planning of buying from Off Lease Only in Orlando try asking for Saber, he was my sells rep and I think he is the best person for younger people to work with.

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Jason J.Review Date: 2018-01-17

Bought a car today from Off Lease Only Orlando and it had to be one of the most stress free time buying a car ever. Mr. Said Bichi guided me through the process. I say salesman but he really isnt your typical salesman as he, and manager Mike Lee, doesnt try to push for a sale but let you dictate the pace you want to move or if you want to move forward at all. No back and forth negotiation. The experience here is very much like Carmax with how car buying should be except with a much lower price tag. I will definitely recommend Off Lease Only and Mr. Said Bichi to my friends and family.

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Tyler C.Review Date: 2018-01-17

The service at the West Palm Beach location was amazing. My girlfriend came from out of town to purchase a vehicle, and while she did not buy one at this Off Lease Only location (she got an excellent deal on a 2016 Toyota Camry from the Orlando location), the staff went above and beyond to show her their inventory. In particular, salesperson Michael Bafumo took the time to patiently answer her questions and to show her the lots inventory. He was knowledgeable, too, and even went under the hood of several models--in the dark! He never complained, and made the whole process easy. My only regret is that she couldnt find the vehicle she was looking for here--Michael deserved the commission! In short, excellent service, great prices, quality inventory. Amazing!

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Felipe S.Review Date: 2018-01-17

Willy and Robles were extremely helpful and efficient. I came in knowing the car I wanted and they gave me all the details needed to close the deal and gave me a good deal. The whole process was easy and the salesmen were very polite, efficient and helpful

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